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Private Spanish classes in Madrid


In case you are not living in Madrid, we also offer ONLINE CLASSES. Try Spanish online classes with us! The same private class  you can have face to face, from any place in the World, with the best native Spanish teachers. Check our special discount prices.

Private classes: We offer an initial FREE 1-hour consultation, with absolutely no commitment.  We can meet for a coffee, have a chat (in English or Spanish), establish your level, and talk about your objectives and interests.  If you wish to pursue Spanish classes with us after this consultation, simply give us a call or an email to get the ball rolling.  If you’re not interested in studying with us, we promise not to bother you with follow-up emails and calls.

We also offer classes for companies, adapted to their special needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss about them. 


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Read some comments from our former students:


14 comentarios sobre “TO BEGIN WITH

  1. I had 6 hours of private clases with Miguel, and can highly recommend him. It was my first private spanish lessons ever, and I was really satisfied with his professionality and flexibility.

  2. Miguel was the best spanish teacher I have ever had. He got out of me as much as he could – and has great English for translation when needed. I recommend to learn Spanish with him because his individual Spanish classes are far better value than any group classes I have had because you speak so much more!

  3. I had a wonderful experience learning Spanish with Madrid Spanish Classes. Miguel, my teacher, was always kind, funny and patient. He adapted the classes to suit my needs, had great suggestions about Spanish language culture (films, books etc.) and really made me enjoy studying Spanish. He also contributed hugely in my getting the DELE B2 ! Thank you Miguel 🙂

  4. My partner and I (plus our 8 month old son) wanted to do some intensive lessons to kickstart our Spanish, so we went to Madrid, and found Miguel. He was great! We planned a couple of weeks with lessons nearly every day, and he got an entire schedule ready. He even worked around my partner and I ducking in and out at various times to keep our baby entertained. Supremely flexible and patient, and with a great talent for explaining things, and adapting his lesson style to his students. We would highly recommend him to anone considering learning spanish!

  5. A spur of the moment thing, my decision to have a couple of Spanish lessons in Madrid. After some online searching I found Miguel and he just fitted me into his scheme. What can I say, I don’t regret it one moment. I wanted to practice Spanish outside of the classroom and off we went, into Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza to learn about colors and how you say you either like or dislike things. And after three days of lessons I can now order coffee, beer and tea. I can also count to 1000, tell people my date of birth in Spanish and lots of other stuff. Miguel is a patient man, has a good sense of humour and is very flexible and customer oriented. Me gusta mucho!

  6. Highly recommended, classes by Miguel from Madrid Spanish classes. His lessons are to the point, informative and flexibly adjustable to my personal needs. A perfect mix of grammatical and linguistic information.

  7. I was working in Madrid for two months over the summer and was taking Spanish classes with Miguel from Madrid Spanish Classes, he was professional, well experienced and patient, I improved a lot considering I was only taking classes for around 6 weeks. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t of improved as fast if I had just been doing intercambio or meeting a teacher every now and again in cafe. Strongly recommend.

  8. I had Miguel as a private tutor for about 18 months altogether and he was awesome. He is really patient and was able to step me through all the stuff I wanted to learn to progress my level. I am pretty advanced in Spanish so having a teacher who has lots of experience and qualifications in teacher was important. Teachers without qualifications or experience are OK for some of the basics but a good teacher makes the world of difference!

  9. I, too, was a complete novice to Spanish when I started with Miguel, but I advanced quickly through A1 and most of A2 in a manner of months. They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but with Miguel’s excellent guidance and teaching chops helped this old dog get into the swing of Spanish in no time. I highly recommend Madrid Spanish Lessons!

  10. As a complete beginner in the language a total of 36 hours of individual lessons over 5 weeks with Miguel gave me a thorough grounding in A1 level Spanish with some time left to commence some A2 level topics. Miguel is an excellent and experienced teacher and was very able and willing to adapt his teaching style to my particular needs and preferences. His use of supporting material for grammar and vocabulary alongside standard text books ensured more rapid and solid progress than would otherwise be possible. I am very grateful to Miguel and strongly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn Spanish.

  11. I have been studying Spanish with Miguel at the Madrid Spanish Classes school and I think that he is an excellent teacher. I studied full-time with Miguel over a couple of months and I am really thankful that he improved my Spanish so much. All my Spanish friends were able to notice the difference. He is very patient and adopts completely to your level and need. Miguel is a top teacher who will improve your Spanish very quickly. I highly recommend studying with Miguel at Madrid Spanish Classes.

  12. I can nothing but recommend Madrid Spanish Classes. My teacher was highly professional and the classes helped me improve my Spanish skills in a short time.
    It was always a lot of fun! 🙂

  13. I have been studying in Madrid the past semester, and I had a great time studying Spanish with u guys! I don’t think my Spanish would have improved as much as it did without u. The classes are relaxed and fun to follow. And I have learned a lot in them.

    Lots of thanks!

    Jan-Willem Broens

  14. I recommend Madrid Spanish Classes. I was in Madrid briefly and needed a teacher that could offer just a few sessions. I really appreciated the flexibility of Madrid Spanish Classes, who were able to schedule me at the last minute. The classes were tailored to my needs and suited me perfectly.

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